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As we move deeper into the 21st century and the population rises, water and cultivatable land become increasingly strategic resources. It is possible in this sector to meet the highest ethical obligations – providing sustenance to millions at fair prices – while still succeeding as investors.

Kingdom Holding Company sees strong potential in new technologies that are changing land and water management – making good cropland more productive, turning marginal acreage into useful, fertile ground, and adjusting to the effects of climate change. There can be no question that our future depends on sophisticated agriculture managed by those who understand their responsibility to humanity. Humanitarian innovators will be rewarded, and KHC is investing accordingly. 

Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (KADCO Egypt)

Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (KADCO) is a fully owned subsidiary of Kingdom Holding Company and is listed on the Riyadh stock exchange. KADCO’s main objective is to produce high quality products for both export and domestic markets. Consistent with KHC’s …

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