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Kingdom Schools


Key Facts

KHC investment: 2000
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Kingdom Holding Company has a substantial shareholding in Kingdom Schools Company, among Saudi Arabia’s largest and most respected private school groups, with more than 4,000 students enrolled from kindergarten to high school level

Aiming to support a pioneering generation of future leaders in the region, KHC believes in Kingdom Schools’ mission to help nurture a generation capable of acting and interacting with other cultures, effective in the local community and able to compete on the world stage.

By supporting an education system that allows students to fully realize their potential through the development of vital skills such as critical thinking, decision-making, problem-solving and continuous learning, KHC is investing in the future.

Company Profile

The vision of Kingdom Schools Company is to provide the best general education environment in the Arab world.

With the intention of making gold-standard learning available to Saudi Arabian children of all ages, Kingdom Schools Company operates a number of private kindergarten, elementary, intermediate and high school establishments across Riyadh.

The company’s schools cater to over 4,000 students and employ more than 300 teachers, offering one of the highest ratios of teachers to students among private schools in Saudi Arabia.