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Kingdom Africa Management (KAM)



Over the 2003 to 2011 period, Kingdom Holding Company (KHC) and Zephyr Management (Zephyr) combined well in their strategic views and execution of an African investment strategy through the Kingdom Zephyr Africa Management (KZAM) private equity fund manager. In 2011, KHC and Zephyr reached an agreement for the acquisition of Zephyr’s interest in KZAM and subsequently renamed the fund manager Kingdom Africa Management (KAM). KHC is now the sole shareholder in KAM and continues to pursue an African investment strategy.”


Current & Future updates

“Kingdom Africa Management (KAM) is a pan-African private equity investment firm that manages the Pan-African Investment Partners (PAIP) funds.  PAIP was launched in 2003 with a total capital commitment of US$ 123 million. Investments in that fund have been substantially and successfully exited. PAIP II was launched in 2008 and currently has a total capital commitment of US$ 200 million. The fund has been fully invested and is now in a divestment period.

At the same time as managing the PAIP funds, KAM continues to source attractive deals for execution across the African continent. Deals are sourced through its strong and well-established network and research of macro and micro economic trends occurring across Africa. KAM is confident in the continued economic vitality of the African continent and remains committed to investing in that growth.

KAM is currently looking to establish a third Pan-African investment fund giving its accumulated experiences jointly with specialized investment banks in light of the growth expected in Africa. 


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