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Real Estate

The acquisition of high-value real estate, both in the Middle East and internationally, has long been a priority for Kingdom Holding Company.

KHC has a distinguished history of investing in iconic real estate holdings and related concerns. Some are hotels but others are new residential or business developments designed to attract global attention. In some cases KHC takes a position in a project already underway and supports it to completion, such as London’s ambitious Canary Wharf development. Other projects are originally conceived and commissioned, such as Jeddah’s recently announced Kingdom Tower, Kingdom Riyadh Land Real Estate Project  Jeddah Mega Real Estate Project and Tower.

All, however, fit the KHC strategy of identifying the “best of the best” worldwide, and promoting   its interests by aligning KHC with the concept of visionary and one-of-a-kind excellence.

Jeddah Economic Company (JEC)

Jeddah Economic Company Ltd., that was co-founded by Kingdom Holding Company, in which it holds a substantial interest, is developing the Kingdom City, Jeddah.  The project will feature the over 1,000-meter Kingdom Tower with approximately 5.3m square meters of new …

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Kingdom Riyadh Land

In 2011, KHC announced that Omrania & Associates was awarded the contract for the master planning & infrastructure design for “Kingdom Riyadh Land,” a 16.5-million square-meter plot owned by the company on the Riyadh-Dammam Highway.  The contract includes conducting traffic …

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Kingdom Centre (Trade Centre Company Ltd)

  Kingdom Holding Company has a substantial investment in Trade Centre Company Ltd, sole owner of Kingdom Centre, a major mixed-use development in Riyadh. The development is anchored by an iconic 99-story skyscraper and includes the Al Mamlaka shopping mall …

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Kingdom City

Kingdom Holding Company has a substantial shareholding in Real Estate Investment Company (REIC), sole owner of Kingdom City, an exclusive Western-style residential development in Riyadh catering to the growing demand for high-end living space in the capital. Kingdom City management …

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Medical Services Project Company

KHC holds an interest in Medical Services Projects Company, which owns Kingdom Hospital, a modern private medical facility in Riyadh, and the Riyadh Consulting Clinics, a multi-specialty outpatient polyclinic. KHCC future plans involve expanding the brand locally and regionally through …

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Kingdom Schools

Kingdom Holding Company has a substantial shareholding in Kingdom Schools Company, among Saudi Arabia’s largest and most respected private school groups, with more than 4,000 students from kindergarten to high school level. KHC regards this investment as a real estate …

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Canary Wharf (Songbird Estates PLC)

With its initial investment in the mid-1990s, Kingdom Holding Company helped enable completion of London’s landmark Canary Wharf real estate project. The sponsors of the Canary Wharf development first approached Prince Alwaleed in 1995, at a time when the project …

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