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Ballast Nedam

ballast nedham

Key Facts

KHC investments begin: 1994
Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

Kingdom Holding Company has a substantial interest in Ballast Nedam, a Dutch-based construction and engineering firm with historic ties to the Middle East. Founded in 1877, Ballast Nedam has been involved in numerous Middle Eastern infrastructure projects, from the Kuwait City airport to the King Fahd causeway. 

KHC’s investment reflects not only its belief in Ballast Nedam’s quality and integrity, but represents a vote of confidence and support for a company with a long-standing commitment to the growth and development of the Middle East. Ballast Nedam has been at the forefront of some of the region’s most ambitious and transformative infrastructure development efforts. 

Company Profile

In the 19th century the Dutch company Ballast Maatschappij supplied dune sand as ballast for merchant ships. Ballast evolved from a sand supplier into concrete manufacturing, dredging and civil engineering. Nedam, meanwhile, was founded in1917 as a construction firm and built such famous Dutch structures as the Peace Palace, The Hague Convention Bureau and The Netherlands Trading Company Headquarters in Amsterdam.

Ballast and Nedam merged in 1969 and today comprise the fourth largest Dutch construction company. The firm reported a 2011 profit of EUR 9.0m on revenue of EUR 1,384bn.