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Social Media and Technology

It is no exaggeration to say Internet-enabled social media advances and their supporting technologies have changed the way billions connect with one another, share information, buy goods, and effect political change. While some have been clear successes – Apple, for example, is now the most highly valued company on earth – not all recent innovations seem at first glance to be engines of profit. We believe rewarding business models will take shape naturally as these technologies and use patterns mature. KHC is investing with confidence in social media and technology ventures that make a profound difference in human interaction. 


Kingdom Holding Company acquired a substantial position in Twitter in 2011. Twitter had been funded since its launch in 2006 via private venture capital. When KHC invested a significant amount in December 2011, the company’s value was estimated by VentureBeat …

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Kingdom Holding Company holds a significant position in AOL, a trailblazing Internet brand for more than 25 years. AOL has grown, developed and evolved past its 1990s “walled garden” online offering to U.S. consumers to become a globally known aggregator …

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Kingdom Holding Company maintains a significant investment in Apple, the revolutionary computer and software firm and single most valuable company in the world with a market capitalization of well over USD 400bn. KHC is attracted to Apple’s demonstrated ability to …

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KHC has a significant investment in Motorola Solutions, an American company specializing in wireless communications, semiconductors and electronic systems, and integrated communication and embedded electronic solutions. The KHC investment dates from 1997. When Motorola split into two companies in 2011, …

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