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Investor Facts

December 28, 2011

KHC is a value-driven, disciplined, long-term focused Investment Holding company with a diversified portfolio locally and internationally. A small team of sector experts observes the chairman’s pioneering investment strategy.

Locally, this approach is delivered by unifying an understanding of international business practices and principles with an appreciation of the idiosyncrasies of emerging markets through differentiated risk perception, an eye for value opportunities and an intricate understanding of local business culture. Specifically, KHC aims to remain a dominant force in real estate and intends to increase investment in private equity.

Globally, KHC’s investment approach is to seek out value for the long term – either because of cyclical events, economic downturn or management difficulties – as well as appreciating value in IPO opportunities. The chairman’s view is to invest in brand names that hold value, but have room for improvement – ensuring that the building blocks are in place to achieve progress, such as a strong management team with good planning ability being in place.

Foreign Investments in USA

Highly Awarded

Prince Alwaleed Arabian Business Award

Kingdom Holding Company – Founded

Driven by a vision to inspire achievement

KHC is driven by a vision to inspire achievement. By leading and excelling in business, KHC aims to show the potential of Saudi entrepreneurship to improve the country and the lives of it’s citizens.