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Eng. Talal Ibrahim Al Maiman


Executive Director

KIngdom Holding Company

“I believe that my job is as clear as KHC’s vision – to continually grow our Saudi investment portfolio whilst keeping a sharp, entrepreneurial eye on high value development opportunities across the world. We believe in excellence, and the continuous creation of shareholder value is of central importance to consistently delivering success. It is for this very reason that our track record is second to none.”

Mr. Talal Almaiman is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, and a member of the KHC board. Having joined KHC in the mid 1990s, Mr. Almaiman is responsible for overseeing the company’s investments and developments, as well as identifying future Private & Public investment opportunities across Saudi Arabia. Renowned for his specialist expertise in Industrial matters, Mr. Almaiman is also a board member of the National Industrial Company.